3 out of 5

My book got another review on Amazon, it was put up in October but I hardly ever check those things. The review basically complained that my book wasn’t simple enough for them, they wanted to learn everything there is to know about bookselling from it, don’t laugh I get 4 AM phone calls like that: “tell me everything I need to know so I dont’ have to buy your book.” I never meant the book to be the ABE of bookselling, it’s a tool for people who already know books and want to improve their skillset. Not being able to keep my big mouth shut – I HAD to respond right? Basically kiddies, if you don’t know what the words mean, perhaps you shouldn’t be trying to fix books in order to sell them to unsuspecting customers.

I have been asked on several occasions to write a companion volume: “So you want to be a Bookseller”, but I find that subject is covered ad nauseum in various blogs around the internet – anything I could do would be piggy backing on their works. Perhaps its best that we all stick to what we know.

I suppose I could open up a new file for the next revised version of BRB but that would just give me still another unfinished writing project…and i SO don’t need another one. I still owe Merrimack Valley Magazine 1000 words on feral cats….think I could get that done today? maybe if i stop screwing around online.

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