lines in the sand • NPR’s On Point takes on the net neutrality crisis, (if you don’t think it’s a crisis you haven’t been paying attention) The Verizons of the world, want to get a stranglehold on the freeflowing internet, turning this lovely little window on the world into just another glass teat.

touché • from Time online we have Sean Wilsey with Why John Updike Is So Wrong About Digitized Books; saying the acclaimed writer doesn’t understand that an online library is something to celebrate, not fear.

old hands • Peter Shaffer, the Tony Award-winning playwright of Amadeus and Equus, is working on a new play about the life and death of Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky

cookie bites • in from booksallover, No, not actually ‘writing’ contests, but contests sponsored by writers at their homepages (mostly all romance authors) but HEY, it’s books, it’s free, I saw what the hell, more power to them.

blog of note • the Chicago Sun Times blogger Debra Pickett has Sunday Lunch with Gay Talese.

mizvah • Nine Warwick, RI girls organized an informal Children’s Club this past winter to at St. Anthony Community Hospital.

blog of note • today’s, and name drops Craig Rice and his stint as Gypsy Rose Lee’s ghostwriter, which linked off to a Craig Rice Fan site and since I am in a 40’s mystery mood I will probably end up buying Lady of Burlesque: The G-String Murders with Barbara Stanwyck on DVD. Such is my life, I am such a slave to Pavlov.

stay tuned…

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