oops • Amazon’s perfect partner not so perfect, yet again. Dunblane Unburied, a book 1996 Scottish school shooting tragedy, was linked with The Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy, Gun Digest: The World’s Greatest Gun Book, and Successful Rifle Shooting.

1940 The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers was published

audio • NPR interviews Edward Field about his new book, The Man who Would Marry Susan Sontag and Other Intimate Literary Portraits of the Bohemian Era. Bohemianism in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village is killed by financial ambition and celebrity culture.

worth reading :

• David M. Shribman gives us an essay about Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage on it’s 50th Anniversary in “From A Well-Used Book, Words Continue To Inspire Us”

from the Jackson TN Sun, writer Dan Morris discovers treasure trove on the internet about WWII hidden’s histories.

from the Toronto Star,
Charles Foran writes about how what authors read as children inspiring their writing as grownups.

obit • Alex Toth at 77, a maverick figure in the comic book world died at his drawing table.

exposure • experts at BookExpo Canada 2006 in Toronto speak about the death of the reclusive author.

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