merde! • A French publishing group is to sue Google for publishing book excerpts online without permission. isn’t this old news by now? i figure we will have outbreaks of this in one country after another.

birthday boy • 1875 – Thomas Mann, German writer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1955)

old ink • (from Boing Boing) Cornell University Library created this utterly mind-blowing image-bank of the fantastic and supernatural in art and fiction. The material, several hundred images from the Library’s Rare and Manuscript Collections, is themed by such delightful categories as Angels & Demons, Danse Macabre, Weird Science, Possession & Insanity, and Fantastic Space.”

orange cookies • On her third attempt Zadie Smith picks up won the Orange Prize for Fiction for her novel
On Beauty.

naughty naughty •
Manchester UK library worked suspected of bringing his work home with him and putting it on ebay.

uh oh hugo • If you are attending this year’s World Science Fiction convention in Los Angeles or if you bought a “supporting membership,” you’re eligible to vote in this years Hugo Awards.
the Ballot is online and due in by July 31.

old cookie • the California Book Awards celebrates its 75th year.

site worth seeing • a treasure trove of Victoriana facts figures trivia what have you at Victorian

banktoaster • just in case you wanted to know. . . . (personally I am gonna croak at 75, good to know I can plan ahead now)

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