1920 – The United States Postal Service rules that children may not be sent via parcel post.*

1971 – The New York Times begins to publish the Pentagon Papers.

birthday girl • 1893 Dorothy L. Sayers, English author (d. 1957)

audio •
American Master John Updike guested on NPR’s On Point to talk about his new book Terrorist, about . . . you guessed it . . . a home grown American suicide bomber.

off the rack • A federal judge has ruled that John Steinbeck’s heirs hold rights to his work instead of the Penguin Group, Inc..

shush • Egyptian authorities will confiscate copies of The Da Vinci Code and ban the film based on the book from showing in Egypt “We ban any book that insults any religion… We will confiscate this book.””

and on that topic:
meow • WBUR’s about Mr Brown’s opus . . and I giggled through most of it. “If a person of sound mind begins reading the book at ten o’clock in the morning, at what time will he or she come to the realization that it is unmitigated junk? The answer, in my case, was 10:00.03, shortly after I read the opening sentence.””

the country’s business • more and more U.S Senators are spending their time hacking out books.

cookies • Colm Toibin won the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for his novel The Master, becoming the first Irish writer to win the world’s most valuable prize for a single work of fiction.

something new • Stephen Hawking and his daughter intend to write a science book for children which will be “a bit like Harry Potter“, but without the magic.

something else new • the CSM gives us a review of Charles Shields new biography Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee.

*this could be an urban myth but it tickles me . . . i will try to find validation.

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