I saw this ladder bookcase picture over at Flikr.com and was wowed . . . the things you find while looking for other things. . . .

1873 –
Susan B. Anthony is fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 presidential election.

birthday girl • 1937 Novelist Gail Godwin is born.

worth reading • from Financial Times we have an essay by Angel Gurria-Quintana about publishers compulsion to constantly change an old book’s look to appeal to new customers.

talking heads • NPR has an interview with Author, Private Eye Carolina Garcia Aguilera about
the adventures of Miami private eye Lupe Solano.

audio • Calvin Trilling guests on NPR’s game show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me this week.

naughty •
Tuula Sariola, widow of the renowned Finnish crime novelist Mauri Sariola, has admitted that 16 crime novels credited to her were actually written by a ghost writer, her friend Ritva Sarkola.

criminal acts • Author Allan Chappelow, was found dead in £2.5m home after thieves emptied his account.

something new • Tuledo Blade’s Erica Blake gives us a review of Literacy And Longing In L.A. By Jennifer Kaufman And Karen Mack, a book that supposedly puts the ‘lit back in ‘chick-lit’, where the characters are chasing books, not men. hmm talk about pre-packaged merchandising of books . . . this book has its OWN website – literacyandlonginginla that includes a literary quiz

cookies • The 2006 Bradley T. Platt, author of Deadstream for Best Regional Fiction.

banktoaster • a new addition to our day wasting links on thde sidebar. Levers is a flash game, that lest you carefully build a kinetic mobile.

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