January 17, 2008

Thai Chili
473 S Broadway
Salem, NH 03079

Thai Chili:

I have had take out from your restaurant twice in the last six months. Both times it was inedible. Both times I ordered the same two common Thai dishes, Pad Thai and Yum Nua, and was thoroughly disappointed.

Yesterday meal was particularly bad:

The beef that was in the salad was unpalatable. Most of the pieces can only be described as the gristle left on the cutting board after a piece of beef has been trimmed. And then it was fried until it was the consistency of hard plastic. Thai Beef Salad should be made with rare sliced flank steak, as the lime juice tenderizes the meat. I have made it myself many times and had it in restaurants from New York to Boston, yours was disgusting.

The Pad Thai which is always tasteless and completely overcooked and had merged into a solid indistinguishable mass, which could only eaten with a steak knife.

Please don’t take this personally, I wish you would close your restaurant because too many customers who have never had GOOD Thai food are walking away thinking it is SUPPOSED to be this bad.

Joyce Godsey

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