you noticed i skipped a thursday . . . never could get the hang of thursdays.

Hera give me strength • DC Comics has signed New York Times list best-selling author Jodi Picoult to write a five-issue series of Wonder Womancomics to be published next year. Sure now watch them hire some illiterate fanboy to write the movie.

everybody has one • Last month travel site/blog posted its Top 30 Travel Books now every body who’s anybody (Rick Cahill, Pico Iyer etc . . .) gets to add their 2 cents.

much ado • from the NYT Charles McGrath speculates about pushing Harry Potter over Reichenbach Falls. hmm . . . wait maybe I was just thinking that.

you say that like it’s a bad thing • An invitation to a book burning in French Lick, IN. . . and NO, I am not making this up, but perhaps they are. Granted I think a lot of old books, would be best spent warming houses in winter time, but to make a blanket decree that books that cost a penny are burnable is rather narrowminded.

something new • the Weekly Standard has a review of Harvard University Press’s A Loeb Classical Library Reader by Tracy Lee Simmons. •
game designer Yehuda Berlinger has put the The U.S. Copyright code, into verse

“These verses describe
All the copyright code
Of the U. S. of A.
Written down as an ode”

banktoaster • Office Depot is offering free downloadable office forms Just in case you want to terminate someone and need JUST the right form. I am such a sucker for free forms.

from the Bullpen Events Calendar:

NY • Harlem Book Fair Buffalo 2006
JP •
Tokyo International Book Fair
JP •
Michinoku Sf Festival Zuncon

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