worth reading • the NYT gives us a piece on the Green Press Initiative and how publishers can save the planet ‘one book at a time’

food fight! • eBay/Paypal has had a corner on the online payment market for a long time, too long in fact. Yes, there is Billpay and a few other people with their toes in the water, but Paypal is the great white. Now that Google, trying to be all things to all people, has introduced Gbuy, a petty shitstorm is upon us all. . ‘insert hysterical laughter here’ now they are firing the head of Paypal because he didn’t see Gbuy on the horizon. My money’s on Google, I think all the bad experiences customers have had over the years with eBay and Paypal are gonna finally bite eBay in the ass.

July 7 – 1907 – Robert A. Heinlein, American writer (d. 1988) missed this yesterday

slow learners • The ceremonial burning of the diary of Holocaust victim Anne Frank by far-right extremists in eastern Germany was condemned by the German government amid calls to intensify efforts to stamp out neo-Nazi activity.

audio •
from NPR by Bret Anthony Johnston Why ‘Lolita’ Remains Shocking, and a Favorite

obit of note • Noted novelist Raja Rao (96), who earned fame for his contributions to Indian English literature, died in Texas.

sans newsprint • Back in the day I used to get four newspapers delivered to the house . . .everyday: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe and the Eagle Tribune. And after reading them my ex- used to leave them where they fell, hence my home looked like a hamster cage. Newsjunkie that I am I slowly cut back one paper at a time, and 3 years ago went to online only. I can survive with online headlines alone, but not without my comics – gocomics.com, gives me my daily fix of and everything else. I am reminded of this right now, because I have 5 kittens and NO NEWSPRINT! argh…..

event • Organizers are looking for volunteers for the Kentucky Women’s Book Festival Sept. 22-23 at Spalding University in Louisville.

banktoaster • Imagination Cubed offers us an online wipeboard, hey it’s cute and it’s free. I did THIS with it.

cooltoy • while reseaching the Bookseller Action figure, found out that the G I Joe Ernie Pyle figure had gone out of print, so to speak, and was NOW selling for $$$. Then when I saw one on eBay for 20 bucks I just had to have it. Hmmm i’m gonna need a shelf for these things soon.

My guess is the $$$ price tag is due to the fact that this particular figure makes a good body for a custom made X-phile Skinner there is no other way to explain the washboard abs – cause they ain’t historically acurate.

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