event • Registration is now open for the Guild of Book Workers Centennial Celebration to be held in New York City on October 12-14, 2006.

super shopping • The finest private collection of Samuel Beckett’s work is to be sold by the family of Alan Clodd, a Dublin-born book dealer who died almost four years ago and who devoted much of his life to cultivating a friendship with the reclusive playwright.

banktoaster • If you have Gmail (Google’s online mail application) you get 2 Gigabytes of space . . and YES you can use it as online file storage. PC Magazine has an article from ’05 about the Gmail Drive extension which works with MS Internet Explorer but if you skip half way down, it explains how to just upload files directly into Gmail as email attachments.

the next small thing • It seems the world has finally caught on to what we have been telling them for the last 30 years, that digitally storing data isn’t as secure as WRITING THINGS DOWN – but they decided to go us steadfast book freaks one step further.

Introducing Norsam’s High Density Rosetta (HD-Rosetta) which provides analog storage of information and images that will last for thousands of years. 196,ooo letter sized pages inscribed on a nickel plate 2″ square and 1/4″ thick, retrievable by electron microscope only.

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