pardon our appearance, i am backwards in my work, i spent the last 48 hours staking out cage traps to recover my kittens and have been check the traps all night and trying to sleep in the day. So, far we haev recovered one orange and sighted the grey, so only one more night of this crap. I did get a new camcorder for more bullpen videos, which should give us more sharpness in the image, but the battery is dead, so until then keep those cards and letters coming.

banktoaster • Rebekah @ Coelacanth Books is sharing with us her father’s recipe for cleaning books that would otherwise be thrown away.

Jim Bartlett’s Recipe for Cleaning Mildewed Books
1 Gallon cool water (not warm or hot)
½ cup of household bleach
¼ cup Greased Lightening® (or other citrus based cleaner)
Mix together
Wring out solution until almost dry and clean the infected area, may require more than one treatment.
While damp put in freezer for 4 days (in a plastic bag if freezer has a defrost cycle).
Then air dry in the sun for several days.
Important – Use cheap synthetic sponge, the kind they sell at the dollar store that don’t hold much water.

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