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1829 – In the United States, William Austin Burt patents the first typewriter.

1973 – Robert Anton Wilson, the occultist/philosopher, either achieved contact with extraterrestrials from Sirius or started a long-term period of having wild hallucinations, depending on which way you want to look at it.

birthday boy • 1888 – Raymond Chandler, American-born author (d. 1959)

caveat ebayer • . Nice of eBay to let em post it up – would be nicer if they just canceled the auctions for fraudulent items, but that’s too easy eh?

site worth seeing • wirednews blog has posted some lovely covers of old comic books.

worth reading • the Santa Cruz Sentinel has a pre-signing article about

blogs of note • Paul Collins’ blog, Weekend Stubble has an ode to bookseller catalogs esp Maggs Bros.
in from Brian Cassidy, Bookseller

worth checking out • the trailer for Lasse Hallström’s upcoming film the Hoax is up on the net. Richard Gere plays Clifford Irving stiring up a fantastic media frenzy in the 70s selling his bogus biography of Howard Hughes to a publishing house.

reminder • back to school sales mean stocking up on erasers and cheap brushes for gluing.
in from Helen Crow @ Pogo’s Place

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