birthday boy • 1763 – Samuel Rogers, English author (d. 1855)

birthday girl • 1818 – Emily Brontë, English novelist (d. 1848)

audio • NPR discusses how Russian Mathematician Grigori Perelman may have solved the 100-year-old math problem known as Poincare’s Conjecture, one of the 7 millenium problems.

worth reading •
from the NYT, a piece on how Wired Editiors Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” is keep backlist titles in print. in

event • kicks off this weekend August 3-6, it runs 450 miles through 4 states, from Covington KY to Gadsden AL.

essay • an interesting piece from Guadalajara about the reading rate.

banktoaster • online Puzzle Museum, so cool it hurts. . . gahd, I am SUCH a geek.

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