huddled masses

I had this smug idea of actually getting some reading done while the northeaster beats the hell out of the coast. Well I got a few books started…they all bored me…well I did have the DVD player going in the background…nice warm Christmas time stuff…the Ice Harvest, Bad Santa, that sort of thing, nice unfamily friendly viewing.

You can see why I would get bored – just READING. 8) I ended up poking through a little old 16mo hardcover I had picked up years ago… Stella Benson’s Living Alone (Living Alone is the name of a room house in the book) – a little bonbon of a fantasy novel. And my little ant brains says, hey lets buy another copy to give away…then I find out the book that has been languishing on the shelf is worth more than a tidy penny.

This has happened a few times before, it’s kinda nice that it still happens from time to time. Makes me think my NOSE for books is still in tune. However it does lead me to have endless arguments about whether I can afford to keep it or should put it up for sale and then buy worthless version that would be worth considerably less. I suppose when it becomes truly scarce I will list it online and then tuck it away with all the other books for sale. Then it will languish on a different set of shelves – because there are a ton of reprints out there.

The city and the state are in lockdown. If you are out and about right now you are just being a problem. So I can huddle in here with my space heater and my bob crachit gloves and my fuzzy roommates, and flip through a few more books on the shelf. who knows what I may find. Stay Safe

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