1854 • Henry David Thoreau published Walden, which described his experiences living near Walden Pond in Massachusetts.

birthday boys •
1927 –
Daniel Keyes, American author of Flowers for Algernon.
1949 – Jonathan Kellerman, American writer
1593 – Izaak Walton,
(d. 1683) English biographer and author of The Compleat Angler

birthday girl • 1899 – P. L. Travers, Australian author (d. 1996) creator of Mary Poppins.

distopia alert • the NYT proves how easy it is to figure out our identities based on the internet searches that are being handed over to the government and the public.

oh puhleese • a Kentucky woman wants Alvin Schwartz’s teen horror series Scary Stories removed from the school system because they gave her 5 year old granddaughter nightmares. I may be dense but ISN’T that the series’ raison d’etre?

naughty naughty • the stolen £100K Origin of Species was recovered after a 2½ year search. I am actually rather impressed, usually book crimes get shamelessly ignored. via Clive Keebler

banktoaster • regardless of its relative usefulness, Scott Brown’s Fine Books Blog has the skinny on the OCLC public access

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