1956 – Jackson Pollock dies in car crash East Hampton, NY

birthday boy • 1892 – Eiji Yoshikawa, Japanese novelist (d. 1962)

birthday girl • 1897 – Enid Blyton, English author (d. 1968)

whoa nellie •
Moleskine cult has gotten an ugly surprise. The much beloved and much obsessed over high-end you-will-never-want-another-brand Italian notebooks are no longer being made in Italy. They have start manufacturing them in China, from what has been reported as substandard materials.

review • the Guardian has a new review of an old favorite, Rebecca Lamb’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. via Rebekah Bartlett @ Ceolacanth Books

supershopping • a 2½ million dollar comic collection goes on the block in Texas . . . . and the geeks go wild, film at eleven.

ferinstance • Evergreen College in Olympia Washington has an Art of Bookmaking course coming up in their October Extended Education program.

banktoaster • Fiction podcasts: Escape Pod , featuring weekly short science fiction and fantasy stories, and the newly launched Pseudopod, which provides short horror stories.

video update • Yes I am still fiddling with the new camcorder, the 1st two repairs I have tried to record – didn’t go so well on camera, so I am back to square one. In the meantime, I did a rough cut of a promotion spot for the local animal rescue. You can see, how the video looses sharpness in the transition to the internet? Well i’m trying to find a way around that. Stay tuned.

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