1952 • Night of the Murdered Poets – on the orders of Joseph Stalin, thirteen of the most prominent Yiddish writers of the Soviet Union were executed. Among the victims were Peretz Markish, David Bergelson and Itzik Fefer.

oops • Guenter Grass has admitted for the first time that he served in the Waffen-SS

theocracy watch • the US ranks second to last out of 34 countries, ranking percentage of public acceptance of evolution as fact, only Turkey is lower.

lazy buggers • Woodbridge, NJ town library destroyed 1,000 books cause they couldn’t be bothered to donate them.

naughty • the Harvard Crimson has a piece about the impact of the Smiley map thefts. The libraries are missing more maps than he is owning up to stealing.

merry • Hans Christian Andersen gets his first public children’s park in China.

ferinstance the American Academy of Bookbinding has extended its deadline for registration for Monique Lallier’s Intermediate French Style Leather Binding workshop to August 31. The two week class will be held in Ann Arbor and runs from September 25 to October 6.

something new • from NPR’s Here and Now – Mark Leyner and Dr. Billy Goldberg, the authors of Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex.

event • Al Gore is to make an appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 12 – 28 August 2006

worth reading, maybe • over at the Huffington Blog, there is a a non-debate raging about the merits and earmarks of chicklit. I have read the 3 or 4 spinoff posts and all I can deduce is that they sure are giving the entire genre, if i can call it that, (infection is such an ugly word) a lot of press.

booklint • Using Books weblog has a nifty post about a book club note found in a book.

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