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I have had this idea in my head for a while…back when i had many more dvds than i do now. I am interested in the actual original release date for a film… it’s as good a date as any to rewatch a film. NOTE: I shelve my movies chronologically to begin with. but pushing that extra step amuses me. IF available you CAN find the original release dates on IMDB and, but as both sites offer you movies by the year of release neither offers any finer filtering. I think IMDB USED to but manages to obfuscate it, so that you can see who was born and died on any given date but not which films came out on that date. Wikipedia does some really interesting stuff with their ‘Events On this Date‘ listings but not alas the movies released.

I was having an off day and needed something mindless to work on so after all those years of wishing it existed I spent a few hours throwing stuff at a google calendar to make them stick. Movie Premiere Google Calendar is now public even though it only has a tiny number of films on it. Basically it will send me a message everyday telling me what films came out and if i get stuck for something to watch I can call up one of them on either a streaming site or more than likely from the discs i still own. I think i have sold off as many as I feel comfortable parting with. Streaming is nice and lazy but they don’t have any bonus features or alt commentaries and well i have a lot of stuff that won’t be streaming any time soon.

The basic premise of the Google Calendar is useful even if you aren’t using it for stupid shit like this. I have a calendar set up for each non profit I am involved with and they send me emails and text message reminders. I really do love the one i set up with all the journal entries from the triggers. I no longer have to remember when i posted something and to where, anything posted to twitter, facebook, flickr, or tumbler ends up there including stuff i flag from Google Reader. one stop shopping for my forgetful mind..did you remember you can search through your calendars? and everyone elses..that’s why i know that no one else has set up a movie premiere calendar yet.

SO this is what i do on my mindless days.

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