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Okay i got five minutes to talk and i really shouldn’t – i need to stay away from this time sucking machine – if I sit at the computer, 3 or 4 hours of my life disappear without explanation.

I have spent the last six weeks working for the US Census and the last 14 days doing back to back double shifts…no really 12 to 15 hour days for nearly 2 weeks straight. for the 1st time in a year over time is available and I am trying to get as much of it as long as it lasts. I should be able to clear up some bills with the 1st OT check. As I have mentioned before it is less stressful when you have no money, you don’t need to decide whom to pay, with a little money, you have to figure out whom to pay in the same manner as picking a number on a roulette table. However with a fistfull of cash, you are a little sad, knowing none of it is actually yours, each little Benjamin has an ear tag with someone else’s name on it.

I passed 80 hours this week…about 2 days ago…and today I am running a little late because i HAD to stop and clean my inbox and ship some orders, not to mention run some laundry. I have am wearing my dress clothes cause all my casual clothes are unpresentable.

BTW I made an interesting discovery the other night at about midnight…in 30 years of office working I have never actually seen an office like the Census. A beehive of activity with folks of all levels of employment, field workers, clerks, civil servants all working busily towards one goal (we were actually put together the ‘work’ packets which were overdue) and everyone was fucking happy and pleasant, no matter what went wrong or how tired you were – there was no typical office backbiting, territoriality, snappishness, meltdowns etc..none of that…just 100 people gaily shuffling papers with endless conversations about how to record the OT properly on your time sheet. Was it because of the serious cha-ching involved? or perhaps it is because of the transitory nature of the job? no chair, desk, pen or pencil actually belonged to anyone, no one had any territory to defend, a few months from now the room will be a ghost town leaving only statistics and empty binders in its wake. I don’t know what perfect storm of reasons causes this, but its the 1st office I have ever been in where i was happy in my work…well there is that cashy money that I will be seeing.

the image is from the training class not the office

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