5 spot light

Best 5 bucks i have spent in a while. the battery AND the lantern..and considering it’s a LED lantern, it actually DOES NOT SUCK. seriously i have been using it the last few days because the goddamn cats keep escaping. They have been tearing holes in the screen porch faster than i can fix them. I finally gave up..with Irene coming to visit, i just closed up the porch a little earlier that normal. I loathe having the litter boxes in the house longer than i have to. So right now i know there are 4 cats outside that shouldn’t be, but they have all been out before and the garage door is cracked so they can go inside if they want. I put food on the porch, they aren’t dumb they know where they live. But the lantern was helpful running around in the effing dark trying to call them back in. The ones that are out are semi-tame the kind that live in a house and you don’t like you. Yeah that’s the byproduct of 20 years of fostering, you get stuck with a lot of defective cats.

So basically if you are out and about drop In retrospect I think I should have bought a few. I may when this storm thing has passed.

I am going out to put the rest of the lawn furniture away. I guess it’s the end of summer whether we like it or not.

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