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i’m going to invent a recurring game….i am not quite sure of the rules feel free to suggest some…. i can’t remember why i ran into the dollar store, it was probably to avoid going to town at the chinese buffet next door. usually i wander the aisles jabbering away on my cell phone like all the other lost souls. I am playing a little mental game tonight…what does $5 look like? what can i get for five bucks…hey, it’s all i was carrying.

So we got 4 ounces of plain corn chips..not all that plain, they were a little saltier than i would have preferred. But I did like the medium sized packaging, the groceries only vend lunch size and monster family size, so this is actually an exciting find. ($4/pound which is average)

3 ounces of pepper jack cheese, i think these packages have been frozen but contain nothing unusual, oddly for quick nachos, 3 ounces of cheese does about 4 ounces of chips…sweet. (about $5/pound which is a tad high but how much of these do you need? i never finish a 12oz piece anyway)

1 dozen medium eggs..how can you not use eggs? well these are trucked in from IOWA..and according to the styrofoam container won’t expire until mid sept…yeah right. but what bothers me most is their disturbing whiteness….they look like pingpong balls. ($1/dozen – normally priced at 1.60 a dozen. normally i buy local free range – god knows what’s going on in Iowa.)

3 ounces country ham. I bought two packages before I decided on the rules, but 3 ounces didn’t seem like enough, if it turns out to be tasty, i’d have to just go back. Strikingly normal ingredients not overly nitrite rich, so i am looking forward to making some biscuits and gravy to go with em in the morning. If i had a do-over with rules, i’d spend the other dollar on the Jiffy 8ox biscuit box in the next aisle.

So basically i bought stuff i would normally consume without unpronounceable ingredients. Next shop i go into I will see what $5 dollars can do.

If you are asking yeah the nachos were a little salty, I wish I had known i was out of salsa, that would have cut the saltiness. I wonder if they had that for a dollar?

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