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ephemera blog’s Marty Weil tagged me to write 5 things about myself that you probably don’t already know, as part of a bloggers “get acquainted” exercise, he had been tagged by archivist and blogger Sally Jacobs. Its strangely like a chain letter or perhaps a viral game of telephone tag. . . . but it’s damn hard to find 5 ‘secrets’ since I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut about anything.

1: Edison trait – I seem to have a form of ADD called ‘Edison Trait’ which of course 40 years ago before we started labeling every peculiar personality with its own moniker, was merely called ‘willful’ and ‘lazy’. Hence I find it hard to specialize in only one kind of book.
2: I like not having ‘day’ job, because I prefer working until the wee hours and sleeping until noon. It seems to be my natural rhythm.
3: Dvds: I love them, now I can finally own copies of movies, I had only read about in books. And I own a lot of them, a WHOLE lot of them – my silent film collection alone is nearing a hundred.
4: I don’t collect personal books for themselves anymore, now I only save them for their content. After buying and selling hundreds of thousands over the years, I find that I don’t care if a book is a signed first edition or not. I know that if I wanted a signed first for myself I could probably find it very quickly.
5: I envy stupid people. Those who go about their tiny lives, believing what they read in the papers and knowing in their hearts that their God will take them to heaven while the rest of us burn in hell. It must be so blissful to be ignorant.

There ya go, for better or worse five true things about myself..

I’m tagging:
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