1773 – The Public Advertiser publishes a satrical essay titled Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One” by Benjamin Franklin.

1906 – Mahatma Gandhi starts Non-Violence movement

talking head • bookthink.com has an interview with Susan Conners from ABEbooks.

So? it took all day . . . I spent the day cleaning my workbench, bindery and storage areas. I just spent my last few hundred bucks on increasing my saleable stock and I need to make serious room . . . . and besides my cage was getting a little squalid. On the bright side I found an extra can of rubber cement thinner, my return label rubber stamp and my Grundig SW radio.

big oops • From the Sydney Morning Herald’s Page 8-

“After recently purchasing a lovely new atlas in California … I was referring to it for information on the Seychelles,” writes the geographically inquisitive Angela Tilling, “but this country of over 100 islands and a population of 81,000 was missing. I emailed Hammond Atlas’s publishers to ask them what had happened to it. Reply? ‘The Hammond editors may have chose to de-emphasise the Republic of the Seychelles.’ Perhaps this is because they do not include a map of the Indian Ocean. I am awaiting a reply to further correspondence, as I’m concerned next time they might de-emphasise some other small country.”

via our new bullpen correspondent – my friend and bibliophile, Yiah

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