talking head • the Worcester Gazette interviews Boston bookseller Ken Gloss. ohhh . . . big surprise. . . kenny you know i luv ya but there ARE other booksellers in Boston for newspapers to talk to. via philobiblios.

heads up • Aimee England and Volume One books make the Hillsdale Collegian.

blof of note • The Australian lady who writes ‘In My Spare Time blog is going to Paris and decided to construct the perfect journal for the trip, so she created it from parts of other books you have to see the images on Flickr – apparently this ‘repurposing’ of books is a spin off of journal hacking or the altered bookcraft mania . . . there was a time when any alteration of a book would have sent me screaming up the wall, but after handling many many thousands of books that no longer serve a useful purpose, I can only hope that a LOT more people cut up a LOT more books and reuse their parts.

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