Long story short – life gets in the way of blogging . . . I have stopped begging my friends for contributions and guest blogs, so until things change around here, you will have be sated with my haphazard schedule of posting, if you get bored there are plenty of blogs on the sidebar to keep you busy. My mother is doing well, she will probably give herself a heart attack before she ever succumbs to cancer. My problem is that she thinks cause I work from home all the time now, I am just sitting around doing nothing and should be cleaning my house. Yeah like THAT’ll happen.

talking head • AP has an interview with writer Peter Quinn who writes his books the old fashioned way . . . in long hand on legal pads.

worth hearing • from NPR – A new generation of women’s writers has emerged and they disown the literary genre known as “chick lit.” The editor and authors of a new anthology, This Is Not Chick Lit, offer their take on women’s literature.

worth reading • Michael Hess is plotting Jack Kerouac’s On the Road with google maps. via Critical Mass.

audio cookies • from New Hampshire Public Radio – Naturalist, author and illustrator David Carroll has won one of this year’s MacArthur Foundation genius grants. He’ll receive 500-thousand-dollars.

more later . . . i am running away for a couple of hours.

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