birthdays –
1911 –
Flann O’Brien, Irish humorist

1928 – Louise Fitzhugh, American author
1936 – Václav Havel, playwright and President of the Czech Republic
1952 – Clive Barker, English writer

event – FL Amelia Book Island Festival – Fernandina Beach, FL

idiot alert – Texas father wants to ban book about banning books . . . yeah I had to work at that one . . he doesn’t like Fahrenheit 451 being used in the curriculum, so he wants to eliminate it. I swear i think these people just do this to prove they are more Christian than the guy next door.

mazel tov! – Asimov’s I, Robot has been translated into Hebrew and is available online, since I’m not jewish and can’t read Hebrew I will take someone else’s word that this is the link.

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