river of work

 I finally got out on the river last night…right before the sky got dark…and i rowed like hell to get out of the river..i tried to pull the boat out where i put in ..it’s a spot we cleared along the river bank..only to discover it was too rough and steep, I tried for 10 minutes to fitzcarraldo the damn boat up the hill and finally had to rescue myself with the truck. i THINK one can still put in a kayak or a canoe, but it has to be a boat you can completely carry. I need to start a fight with the city about getting a boat launch on the river, this is just more ammunition. But it felt good to come home feeling muddy, sweaty and exhausted… i cleaned up, fed the animals and went to bed. So much for getting any more work done.

Now its Monday again, I have the Dorgan book ready for the proof edition phase and i need to finish indexing the Cross book. I have a choice of about 4 books to do next…out of the 30 i have on my list. And i haven’t decided which one to do next. The Abigail Mussey needs to be transcribed, i have the OCR’d text off Archive.org but it’s not clean at all. She lived in the mid 19th century and became a preacher i think, but she lived off and on in my town. I don’t like to PREREAD these books, it makes it easier to transcribe…or at least more interesting. I need to move a couple of histories of Abbot Academy to the top of my list, because their librarian invited me to use their archives. I have an unending stream of work to choose from.

I sent two books to proof phase but i’m not happy with their temp covers. I have decided to try to stick with Winslow Homer for books where i don’t have art. He’s classic Americana, much of it is New England, a lot of it covers the mid to late 19th century which is the era i am having trouble getting artwork for, and best of all it’s all in public domain. Right now this is my cover for the Cross Memoir..but i need to get a nice high res version i can use. So, I put in for all the Homer Winslows from the library. I still like the Snap the Whip image but it’s too wide to make a nice cover, while this matches the contents very well.

I made a decision to spend SOME time on my own book from now on, i don’t know if it will be 1 hour a day or 1 day a week. But it’s past time to get to work on my civic housekeeping book. more later.

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