birthday boy • 1930 – Harold Pinter, English playwright, Nobel laureate

site worth seeing • A work in progress the Academic Blog portal which has described the academic blogosphere as a kind of Invisible College – this site is supposed to help make the College a little more visible to itself and its readers.

event • Oct 9 – Nov 8Novello Festival Of Reading Charlotte, N.C.

dystopia watch • CIA director Porter Goss wants no more books published by current or former CIA officials. CIA #3 Dusty Foggo to Gary Berntsen author of Jawbreaker: The Attack on Bin Laden and Al Qaeda: A Personnel Account by the CIA’s Key Field Commander: “we will have no more books. I will redact the shit out of your book so no one will want to read it.” Bernsten is now trying to sue the CIA for gutting his book.

nifty download • Boing Boing has a nifty Halloween treat, a compilation of 31 scary radio plays including the original “War of the Worlds” broadcast and lots of other creepy tales – all for 1.99 in paypal money.

worth reading • Binding supply vendor J. Hewit & Sons Ltd has issued their biannual Newsletter: Skin Deep, Vol.22, Autumn 2006

banktoaster • 70s flashback – how to make a trendy bookbag from your old blue jeans . . .these days I could make a dufflebag from my old blue jeans.

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