1851 – Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick is first published as The Whale by Richard Bentley of London.

i tried finishing this like 9 times yesterday, either the pc or blogger kept giving me grief.

cool tools • Websnapr provides easy peasy website thumbnails.

it’s the revision thing • Bestseller Freakonomics has been upgraded to Freakonomics 2.0 – the freakonomics blog details the new specs.

altered states • Here’s another foray into altered books via a mixed media artist. I must say I am fascinated by the entire ‘altered books’ fad. On one hand, I wish I was THAT creative as I have a lot of crap books that could be put to better use, on the other hand I have that darling biblio-gremlin sitting at the base of my skull making whispers about going to hell for it.

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