6 hour naps

maggie and company I spent about 2 straight days cleaning my apartment within an inch of its life, and that includes clearing off the porch and making headway in the workroom in the basement – the home inspection was yesterday. About 8 people showed up to inspect all the corners of the building looking for anything objectionable to take note of – and practically none of it focused on the areas I had cleaned.  Most of the folks were contractors hired by the new owner – apparently they can afford that kind of thing…this isn’t a nice couple with a few buildings. These are some rich folks with a shitload of apartment buildings..must be nice. The guy representing the owners was the building manager, whose name i have forgotten…you would think i would have remembered that, but i was busy…and paranoid… i had spent a lot of time and effort disguising my roommates presence – but not making it LOOK like i was disguising them. In the end they didn’t seem to care about that sort of thing, though he did ask me flat out how many i had…but mostly in a congenial manner..and of course i lied straight to his face in an equally congenial manner. He had been told i was moving out on the 30th...yeah not bloody likely, but he seemed actually relieved when i told him i wasn’t going anywhere for a little while. I wasn’t exactly sure what caused it, but as soon as they were all just tail lights going down the drive, i laid my head down for a minute and took a 6 hour nap.

Which brings us to Maggie and company. I got a frantic call in the middle of the night about a cat that needed a foster home…with her 3 day old kittens. There’s a backstory about a crazy lady who had the cat and lost all its previous kittens and now that a rescuer GOT the cat she needed to keep them moving, so that the crazy lady doesn’t come to her house to get them….it’s like three card monty with cats – you have to remember kittens are sold as currency by drug addicts..and therein lies a tale… So i say sure, bring them over and then spend the next few hours setting up a kitten hostel and then checking in every 2 hours all night to make sure these three kittens were all suckling and breathing normally.  I am just very glad this all didn’t happen the night BEFORE the home inspection, i wouldn’t have been able to pull off the – ‘oh no, i’m not a crazy cat lady’ facade I sure could use another one of those naps now.

I also loaded about nine different things on freecycle and managed to get them all picked up….i even have someone coming saturday for the large shelving in the basement.  I did kinda explain to the future building manager that i was putting all my junk in the little garage with the intentions of moving them further…his brow furrowed…i am trying not to think about it… as it happens, if i piled up all my crap, i would probably light it on fire.  So the more of my stuff i put in the little garage, the more of it i want to get rid of.   Hence a lot of things i was ‘Saving’ for the new house – like property maintenance tools….are totally up for grabs.  If it isn’t worth storing it isn’t worth saving – except the cat cages…. i may end up with all those back in the house where they started.

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