So many books nothing to read. I gave four novels a ride home from the library, usually they go back unread. But a bout of insomnia caused me to pull the 1st one out of the bag, a hardboiled foreign locale thriller, and one whiff caused me to stuff it back in.. Strangely after all those years putting up with my mother’s chain smoking, I can no longer tolerate second or even thirdhand smoke smell on a book. The next one had potential but after 2 pages, it was clearly Ally Macbeal- girl detective and IT got bagged. The third one would have been the front runner, well known mystery series author tries something new: female detective, WWII, homefront….unfortunately this writer had never ACTUALLY read a period hardboiled book in her life. I had spent many lovely hours reading Chandler and Spillaine where hardboiled patter was music to my ears. But every period idiom fell from her character’s mouth like a stone upon my foot. After the character refered to herself as a “broad”, I shoved it mercilessly back into the bag. . .well. . . after I walked across the room and picked it up from where I had hurled it. Calling herself a ‘dame’ I could see, but women rarely call themselves ‘a broad’ unless being especially self deprecating. Take it from one who is both. Fourth time is the charm right? Period mystery thriller in translation, just the ticket…unfortunately by that time I was too tired to read and after I read the 1st page 4 times, I just rolled over and went to sleep. Oh bother.

future shock – Attempts at electronic books haven’t done well so far. No one likes reading large amounts on desk tops or small portable screens, but the advent of electronic ink may change all that. It is what makes Sony’s PRS-500 different that all other…oh wait it’s the only one….so far. Publishers are moving heavily towards this new chapter in ebook technology, both Random House and HarperCollins have announced the impending digitization of about 25,000 titles each.

power shopping – £17.7 million from the publisher John Murray fabulous archive for the National Library of Scotland. now it THAT caught on over here!!

mitzvahIN high schoolers collect 20K books for library-less Jamaican children.

banktoasterFree audio book The Monkey’s Paw, written by W.W.Jacobs The National Audio Theatre – Blue Ridge Radio Players (14MB, 29 min)


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