I was up all night with a very sick 8 week old kitten and this morning’s vet bill was $200. So, I suddenly and miraculously found myself with a boat load of new energy. I spent the rest of the day cataloging books and creating a lot of new images for the Bullpen Cafe Press store. I added dark colored t-shirts, more blank journals and book bags and a some really nifty images of famous authors on postage stamps. More will be coming as I scan more into the PC. Check it out. Please feel free to request something. Designs made from US postage stamps since ’78 or copyrighted images are not eligible.

calendar •
1876 –
In an article for the Atlanta Constitution, Joel Chandler Harris first uses the pseudonym Uncle Remus.

1966 –Truman Capote throws a landmark party, his Black-and-White Masked Ball, at New York’s Plaza Hotel, inviting a who’s-who of personages from the world of entertainment, politics, literature, and art. Truman always claimed he invited 500 of his friends and made 15,000 enemies.

birthdays •
1628 –
John Bunyan is born (d.1688)
1757 – William Blake, British poet and artist (d. 1827)
1881 – Stefan Zweig, Austrian writer (d. 1942)
1896 – Dawn Powell, American writer (d. 1965)
1907 – Alberto Moravia, Italian writer (d. 1990)
1915 –Yves Theriault is born (d 1983)
1944 – Rita Mae Brown is born.

cookies • Novels by William Boyd, Neil Griffiths, Mark Haddon and David Mitchell are all up for newly renamed Costa Book Awards (neé the Whitbread Prize)

small world • Bulgaria will seek to join the European digital library in 2007 and the World Digital library in 2008. Over 6 million copies of books, periodicals, archive documents, photos, maps, music and films will be accessible at the European Digital Library via Internet by 2010.

btw • The late great Spalding Gray’s Monster in a Box monologue was released today on DVD for $11. This is the story of Gray’s attempt to write a novel. In his first person account of writing and living, and dealing with success while trying to be successful. YOU WANT THIS.

cookies • Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist won the first Pergola Award conferred by Mexican booksellers.

better late • Three century old occult book Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum et Theosophicum (1719) by German Alchemist Georg von Welling has finally been translated from 18th century German into English.

skoobe • The Society for the Preservation of Hebrew Books, a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of old Hebrew texts announced that over 11,000 old Hebrew books and other works of Judaica are freely available and fully searchable (including in the original Hebrew) online at the Society’s website, www.hebrewbooks.org.


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