blog of note • the Ephemera blog has a nifty piece on 3 practical uses for collected ephemera.

worth hearing • NPR has a running program where they record and share odd sounds – listen to the sound of a 1949 Number Four VanderCook Proof Printing Press.

worth reading • from the NYT – Julie Bosman speculates on novelists and the trend toward bibliographies in fiction.

talking head author Mary Gaitskill has a Lolita fetish.

something new • They Call Me Naughty Lola, a collection of personal ads from the London Review of Books.

long arm • Margaret Atwood has shares her remote pen secrets with Alice Munroe. (via Critical Mass)

better late • Four decades after his death Jack Kerouac will receive an honorary doctorate of letters degree during the June’07, commencement ceremony at UMass Lowell. I wonder if they will bring in a medium to let him know?

something new • Benjamin Lytal reviews The Way It Wasn’t: From the Files of James Laughlin who took his sophomore year off from Harvard to start the New Directions Publishing House . . . yeah you can DO that when you are rich. . . but he DID have good taste.

event • First annual Lesbian Book Festival scheduled for February.

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