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Okay this is too cool for words: has streaming video interviews with the authors of the books it is promoting, There are a 6 interviews with Lynne Truss author of Eat Shoots and Leaves and Talk to the Hand, as well as Robert Jordan, Al Franken, Umberto Eco. The most interesting videos are the ones about Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus. Good god am I a geek or what? Seriously folks it’s only a matter of days perhaps MINUTES until Bezos swallows this puppy whole. has acquired an inventory and management company called FillZ which will helps vendors more easily and conveniently manage their sales on the web. Now, maybe I’m unusually thick for a hom osapien, but if they make it any easier to list books on the internet every 8 year old will have a store front.

with a time limit –Telltale Weeklyis allowing fee downloads of Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart on audio for today only. Tomorrow it will abe 75¢.

obit worth readingAvant garde Russian poet Gennady Aygi at 71.

suiting up – The opening bell has wrung in the Holy Blood Holy Grail authors v. Dan Brown suit. Seems to me SOMETHING else going on aside from the obvious. Random House which published BOTH books is raking in moola hand over fist on the Brown piece of tripe, it could have easily settled and reprinted the damn things as a boxed set. Someone must have personal issues.

pc load letter – NYT reports thatphishing scams are passé and that ‘Keylogging’ programs are new and future threat and offer methods to protect yourself from these guys.

the Gethuman Database, how to short circuit phone answering systems and get right to a human being. – though there’s no guarantee what country that human is in.


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