birthdays •
1775 – Jane Austen is born in the parsonage of Steventon, Hampshire.(d. 1817)
1863 – George Santayana, Spanish philosopher and writer (d. 1952) Madrid.
1899 – Sir Noel Coward is born Teddington, England (d.1973)
1900 – V.S. Pritchett, British novelist, literary critic, is born. (d. 1997)
1901 – Margaret Mead, American anthropologist (d. 1978)
1917 – Sir Arthur C. Clarke, British writer
1927 – Randall Garrett, American writer (d. 1987)
1928 – Philip K. Dick, American writer (d. 1982)
1962 – ME

calendar •
1915 – Albert Einstein publishes the General Theory of Relativity

blog of note • I added some Dickens, Dumas, and Moliere to the Literary Stamp blog. Obviously not a high on priority list, but i get to it when I can.

death by OJ • Judith Reagan shown the door – I can’t say I am sorry about this, she may be a very nice person but damn if she didn’t lower the intellectual level of the best seller list practically all by herself. did we really need a book ghost written for Jenna Jameson? It had way too few pictures for a book about porn.

more in a bit – i swear – it’s my birthday and i am going to find myself a toy – i don’t know where i am gonna look, but i will damned if i am gonna sit here all day.

back now. didn’t find any books to get me excited – but i did like this horse carving . . . however i couldn’t rationalize the $35 so i bought this $5 elephant instead. besides i didn’t have the space for the horse.

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