Well I worked out most of the blog conversion stuff that was tormenting me, using trial and error on my personal blog, I worked out how everything fits together. BTW if you are trying some new programming thingumbob, it is always best to beta test on something useless and then apply what you learn one step at a time to the important stuff (after backing up your good program.) That way when you screw up, which you inevitably do, you only have to go back one step. Hmmm someone should tell MS about that. So watch for a new face on the Bullpen this weekend.

calendar •
1667 –
Samuel Pepys wrote in his diary : “To the Duke’s house, and there saw Mackbeth most excellently acted, and a most excellent play for variety.”
1732 – The Pennsylvania Gazette, owned by Benjamin Franklin, ran an ad for the first issue of Poor Richard’s Almanack.
1817 – Benjamin Haydon, an artist and friend of literary men, held his “immortal dinner” attended by Charles Lamb, John Keats, and William Wordsworth.
1897 – The play Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand, premieres in Paris.
1932 – Manuel Puig is born, Argentine writer (d. 1990)
1902 – Mortimer Adler is born, American Aristotelian philosopher and author. (c 2001)
1922 – Stan Lee, American comic book writer
1973 – Alexander Solzhenitsyn published Gulag Archipelago, an expose of the Soviet prison system.

blog of note • Scott Brown’s Fine Books and Collections blog has their End of Year’s Top Ten Selling Antiquarian Books up.

lost n’found • another news feature on the restoration of the Archimedes Palimpsest. I never get tired of that subject.

worth reading • the Scotsman has a piece on the National Library of Scotland’s acquisition of the John Murray Archive which includes Darwin’s correspondence with his publisher.

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