We are finally getting a better look at Margaret Atwood’s LONG PEN the world’s first long-distance signing device, which Atwood is unveiling Sunday in London. The author scribbles a message using a stylus pen on a computer tablet. On the receiving end, in another city, a robotic arm fitted with a regular pen signs the book. The author and fan chat via webcam. Aside from agoraphobic authors it has a potential market with bankers, doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs.

timeout – an interview with pop lit icon E. Lynn Harris who is back from a writing break.

banktoaster– The New Yorker gives us a short story the Bone Game from Charles D’Ambrosio

even money – Regan Books is publishing A Million Little Lies which chronicles the drug-and-rehab story of one Mr. James Pinocchio.

detecting literature – Did F. Grant Gilmore write the first war novel by an African American? 1915’s The Problem: A Military Novel turned up in David Kramer’s research.

found art – Previously unseen images from the civil rights movement found in the Birmingham News photo morgue.

dead poets corner – Special to the Berkeley Daily Planet Was Josephine Miles Berkeley’s Emily Dickinson? by Phil McArdle.

seriously giftedJulliard receives gift of 139 manuscripts by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and other composers from Bruce Kovner of the Caxton hedge fund.

cookies – Santiago Roncagliolo won Spain’s Alfaguara Spanish-language literary prize Monday for his novel Abril rojo.

smirk – NPR’s Leo Abbett resident cartoonist has a doozey about Harper Collins beta testing online books with commercials.

going postal
Unseen UK is a new book of photographs of everyday life as seen by Royal Mail postmen and women during their working day. The photos are a selection of the 20,000 submitted, published to raise money for the charity Help the Hospice.

delicious reads – Oregonian foodies recommend their favorite cookbooks.

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