March is Small Press Month!!

JMHO – Here’s a nice little used bookseller blog from the Ashland Book Company, in Wisconsin. I am bringing it to your attention to demonstrate of how little effort it takes to create a nice business blog. This type of blog-familiarity can be a key element to building up your own clientele and trying to lure back repeat customers. You can link it to your Chrisland site or Abebooks profile [find out what’s new! Read our blog] and then pad it with your upcoming events, new acquisitions, pictures of your cat, bad poetry – things that express your company’s uniqueness. There are a ton of blog sites & software on the net, blogspot (owned by seemed to be the most idiot proof and allows for a seemingly endless amount if text and images to be loaded and so far FOR FREE (if I don’t count the NSA datamining) the only thing I HAVE to do is leave that little orange logo at the bottom and the nav bar at the top, though i could eliminate both without repercussions.

bookboat – the Doulos hosted at least 21K people and sold close to 60K books while it was berthed at Doha Port. The ship left Doha yesterday evening for Bahrain. It will be berthed at Manama port for two weeks before moving to Muscat. After the Gulf leg, it will move to India’s

power sellersBob and Donna Jackson sold the NYPL one of the largest archives of William Burrough Material. The 11K manuscript pages and 3K pieces of correspondence include a manuscript for Ginsberg’s Howl. Here’s a nice little history of Howl’s genesis.

AUDIO @10AM EST Camille Paglia guests on WBUR’s On Point to talk about Walt Whitman. It will be archived on sometime after 1PM EST. I recommend hearing it, as they play some recordings of Whitman’s poems being read,including one by Orson Wells and one by Whitman himself.

horror story – You’ve seen the website now read the book – Dawn of the eBay Deadbeats available at bookstores, Amazon and on eBay.

BTW – A New York theatre company has killed plans to produce a play about an American activist crushed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza: My name is Rachel Corrie. The play’s director Alan Rickman cries censorship.

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