resurrectionists • Scotia Depicta (1804) one of Scotland’s earliest tourist guides full of etchings of castles, glens, bridges and waterfalls is being updated and apparently very little has changed over the past 200 years.

bait n’switch • a reporter from the LATimes test drives Amazon’s bait and switch pricing policy. are we supposed to be surprised?

reanimators • the Mercury News has a piece on the folks who Alter Books . . . on purpose. Did you know there was an International Society of Altered Book Artists? neither did I. We used to just call them children with crayons.

must read • the Bangladeshi newspaper the Daily Star has an expose of the child labor driven bookbinding industry. (via the BookguideUK)

worth reading • the new Independent Online Booksellers Association online journal, the IOBA Standard is up!

lost n’found • A study of the game of chess by Renaissance mathematician Luca Pacioli has been discovered in northern Italy after it was feared lost.

event • Nigerian author, Professor Chinua Achebe, is scheduled to headline a cultural event Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica, January 2.

obit of note •
Tillie Olsen, author of Tell Me a Riddle, dies at age 94.

obit of note • Philippa Pearce author of Tom’s Midnight Garden, dies at 86.

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