1643 – Isaac Newton‘s Julian Calendar Birthday
1754 – Columbia University was chartered on this day as King’s College.
1785 – Jacob Grimm (d,1863) German philologist , He and his brother collected fairy-tales
1809 – Louis Braille is born Coupvray France (d.1852). developer of a reading system for blind,
1878 – A. E. Coppard is born, Folkestone, Kent. (d. 1957) Poet & short story writer
1883 – Max Eastman, critic and essayist, born, an antagonist of Hemingway. Hemingway once wrestled him to the floor, ripped open their shirts, and compared chest hair.
1898 – First installment of William Dean Howell’s Life & Letters appears in Harper’s Weekly.
1907 – George Bernard Shaw’s Don Juan in Hell premiered in London
1939 – George Orwell signs Breton/Rivera manifesto, “Towards a Free Revolutionary Art.”
1943 – Thomas Mann completes his tetralogy, Joseph and His Brothers
1950 – the New York Sun, a daily newspaper which first appeared as a penny daily in 1831, published its last issue.
1952 – The use of the term ‘Ms’ as a courtesy title for a woman where ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs’ are deemed inappropriate, dates from The Simplified Letter, published by the Philadelphia-based National Office of the Management Association today.
1957 – Collier’s Magazine published its last issues. It had an intellectual audience since it began in 1888.The periodical was published for 69 years.
1960 – Albert Camus killed in an automobile accident near Sens, France.

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