mark the world – On Flickr there is a write up on making the world your notebook – using an outdated globe and some chalkboard paint.

Things you find while looking for other things – I stumbled upon this bit of research from 2000 at Improbable Research Website. These fellas with much time and curiosity sent many strange and suspect items through the Post Office and came up with some startling results. As much as we bitch and moan about the United States Postal Service where else can you mail a Deer Tibia?

retreading – A new creation that has been growing from blog to blog is a New Devil’s Dictionary for the publishing industry:

Paperback Writer blog: Galley – a bound or unbound edition of a book riddled with typesetter errors, missing characters, scenes and pages that the author begs not be sent out for publicity purposes before publication.

Making Light: Cover Art; Book Jacket: A small poster advertising the book to potential readers. Authors who have failed to take into account the fact that it has been bound to the outside of the book, rather than printed on an interior page, will often come to the mistaken conclusion that it is meant to illustrate the story, and be distressed by its inaccuracy.Seems a shame that of all the things Ambrose Bierce wrote is it THAT which is most remembered.

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