1667 –
Samuel Pepys wrote in his diary “… thence to the Duke’s house and saw Macbeth; which though I saw it lately, yet appears a most excellent play in all respects, but especially in divertisement, though it be a deep tragedy; which is a strange perfection in a tragedy, it being most proper here and suitable.”
1714 – Typewriter patented by Englishman Henry Mill but not built until years later.
1807 – Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote his encomium “To William Wordsworth” having heard his friend read his poem “The Prelude.”
1841 – Victor Hugo is elected to the Academie Francaise on his fifth attempt.
1888 – Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure Valley of Fear
1891 – Zora Neale Hurston is born Eatonville, FL (D. 1960) African-American folklorist/writer
1896 – Fannie Farmer Cookbook was published.
1903 – Start of Sherlock Holmes Adventure of Blanched Soldier
1912 – Charles Addams is born Westfield, NJ (d.1988)
1925 – Gerald Durrell, zoologist, author & younger brother of Lawrence, is born, in India to Irish parents. (d.1995)
1928 – William Peter Blatty is born NYC. American screenwriter & novelist,
1929 – Buck Rogers 2429 A.D. comic strip debuts, later changed to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
1929 – Tarzan comic strips debuts
1934 – Flash Gordon comic strip debuts
1972 – American poet John Berryman jumped off a Mississippi River bridge to end his life. A passerby saw him wave.
1973 – Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to James Merrill.
1975 – Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to AR Ammons.

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