Happy Birthday Bibliophile Bullpen!

State of the Blog: Since January 12th, 2006 we have had 54800 visitors, averaging 150 unique visitors a day. About 60-70% returning visitors, 40-30% new visitors. We have inspired at least a dozen used and antiquarian sellers to start their own blogs, either to promote their business or express themselves. We have taken in about $35 in Amazon associates sales, $70 in Paypal donations and about that much from Cafepress item sales which will pay to keep the Cafepress store open until next Christmas. And from what Lynn tells me it’s hard to estimate how many more new Bibliophile Group members have joined from Bullpen readers, but new Memberships are up higher than they were before the birth of the Bullpen. So we have done what we set out to do – promote membership in the Bibliophile Mailing list and, entertain and inform the members. Hopefully we will all be around to do this all over again next year. Let em eat cake.

1628 –
French writer Charles Perrault is born. In the story of Cinderella, he mistranslated vair, the word for fur, as verre, glass, thus making her wear glass slippers. However it is easier to drink from a glass slipper than a soggy fur one.
1848 – Charlotte Brontë writes to G. H. Lewes that she finds Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice merely “An accurate daguerreotyped portrait of a commonplace face.”
1876 – Jack London, sailor tramp, gold miner, author (The Call of the Wild) hits the road, is born, San Francisco. (d.1916)
1893 – Jack London, on his 17th birthday, sails on the seal-hunting ship “Sophie Sutherland”, gaining experience he used in his novel The Sea Wolf.
1899 – Oscar Wilde writes to Robert Ross that “Henry James is developing, but he will never arrive at passion, I fear.”
1936 – A. D. Winans is born San Francisco, California. Part of the Beat movement.
1953 – In Time Magazine Thornton Wilder says, “Literature is the orchestration of platitudes.”
2006 – the Bibliophile Bullpen is born.


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