clever idea • one of the GTD (getting things done) blogs of which there are a LOT – [How much work are all these GTD bloggers getting done, while they are blogging about GTD?] anyways . . . . a clever idea is to digitize paperwork by faxing it to yourself specifically using Jconnect Free faxing service . . but the idea is the same. Using an online fax service a paper document becomes a digital one without all the troublesome work of cleaning that pile of books off the top of the flat bed scanner. Now if you are faithfully backing up all your valuable business data to a secure server or fireproof hard drive you can be sure of having a copy of that receipt for the digital camera you bought 11 months ago that has one week left on its warranty. [via lifehacker]

site to see • Customer’s Suck . . . well yeah, no news there, but this is livejournal board/blog where folks put up their dailly horrors stories. Each one certain to convince you that civilization is ending one yahoo at a time.

worth seeing • Who knew that Typographers got busy making racy calendar girls out of lettersets? The Epica Award is Europe’s leading creative awards and their Studio Pinup. [via Book Patrol]

worth hearing • WBUR’s On Point had guest Vikram Chandra author of Sacred Games described as Crime and Punishment meets The Godfather, with The Sopranos irony and a Bollywood beat.

banktoaster • the Mad Professor mentioned a free 411 directory assistance service for mobile phones 1-800-free-411 (mine charges 1.35 so i am paying attention)

blog of note • new for the sidebar, Today In Letters, literary history blog, now i am so jealous. ANOTHER blog i like better than mine.


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