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1789 – W.H. Brown’s Power of Sympathy was published anonymously. It was the first American novel to be published.
1818 – John Keats wrote his poem On a Lock of Milton’s Hair The lock of hair eventually came into Leigh Hunt’s possession and was the start of Hunt’s hair collection, which is kept at the Humanities Research Center in Austin, TX along with locks from other literary luminaries..
1846 – The first issue of the Daily News, edited by Charles Dickens, was published.
1879 – Henrik Ibsen’s Doll’s House (Et Dukkehjem), premieres in Copenhagen
1908 – August Strindberg’s play Ghost Sonata (Spoksonaten) premiered in Stockholm premiered. It dealt with venereal disease.
1921 – Harry Crosby asks Hart Crane if the Black Sun Press can publish his as yet unfinished poem the Bridge
1950 – T. S. Eliot’s Cocktail Party, premieres in New York City
1956 – William Shawn succeeds Harold Ross as editor of New Yorker

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