worth reading • Ephemera blog has an interview with manuscript collector Ivo Meisner from Book Den East, Martha’s Vineyard.

naughty naughty • even Harry isn’t immune to the rampant book thefts, 3000 copies of Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through the Ages were lift from a UK loading dock. I’d start with the guy driving the forklift.

blog of note • Book Patrol has a post about the vanishing of mid-price books from the internet market. oh there still there, they just cost $3 bucks now.

worth reading • from the Guardian a feature on Edith Wharton’s love affair with France.

waking the dead • scholars may have found the grave of Mona Lisa. oh fer crissakes leave the poor woman alone, she’s dead.

dystopia alert • an AP rundown on

cookies • Alibris awards three libraries with collection development book grants.

banktoaster• from Madlyn’s Blom’s Old Bag Lady blog, a post about e-audiobooks and where to get em.

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