something new • from the WAPO, a review of Dirt For Art’s Sake: Books On Trial From Madame Bovary To Lolita by Elisabeth Ladenson

something else • from the NYT a review of Thomas Hardy by Claire Tomalin.

something to see • the Morgan Library & Museum has a new exhibit : Victorian Bestsellers which explores the rise of the cultural phenomenon of the best seller using original manuscripts, first editions, illustrated editions, and rare printed ephemera, drawn largely from the Morgan’s renowned literary collections. NYT reviews the exhibit.

fare review •
the Chicago Tribune gives us a review of the 16th annual Chicago International Remainder & Overstock Book Exposition.

oh puhleese • Oprah plays it safe. I guess after being burned on contemporary faux-memoirs, she has decided to fall back on someone’s life story that is already in the public domain. Whatever happen to choosing American classics like East of Eden? Did Mr and Mrs middle America find all dose words too hard to read? aw . . . poor baby’s, here’s your crayons and your People magazine.

one book to rule them all • the One Book One City program is still chugging away around the country, from the St Louis Today site, a piece on how Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is still stirring the pot.

banktoaster •
most of the larger dictionary sites, like Merriam Webster online and offer audio files to give you the proper pronunciation of words, here’s a nifty online site for the correct pronunciation of Author’s Names.

troglodyte alert •
Neo-Nazi group to burn copies of Jewish books in the Minneapolis area.

worth hearing • From NPR: Five single, yet hopeful, Welsh farmers are trying a novel way of getting dates: They’ve attached stickers with pictures of their faces on thousands of milk jugs. Not bookish, i just thought it was a good idea – perhaps single booksellers should start putting their faces on bookplates?

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