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1302 – Dante Alighieri , a White Guelf was expelled from his native city of Florence because his party fell out of favor. He was never able to return. He wrote his Divine Comedy in exile in Ravenna.
1621 – Sir Francis Bacon was ennobled as Viscount St Albans.
1736 – Voltaire play “Les Americans” is produced, Paris.
1832 – Lewis Carroll (Charles Ludwidge Dodgson) is born Cheshire England, (d 1898).
1836 – Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Austrian writer, was born on this day in 1836. The word masochism comes from his name.
1851 – Nathaniel Hawthorne publishes his novel The House of the Seven Gables. House of Seven Gables museum homepage.
1888 – National Geographic Society organizes in Washington D.C.
1898 – Henry James story The Turn of the Screw begins serial publication.
1927 – Edmund Wilson told Ernest Hemingway that his novel The Sun Also Rises was “a knockout, the best piece of fiction this crop has done.”

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