Doncha love the 21st century? Even while doped up on Nyquil and Claritin, smothered in LL Bean issue woolens under 2 quilts, 3 cats, a dog and a laptop computer I still managed to go shopping. Take that Al Queda . . Shrub would be so proud.

Pioneer Acid Free Photo Glue Stick
• Non-toxic formula dries clear
• Permanently bonds photos to most surfaces
• Photo safe formula
• Acid free
• Conforms to ASTM D 4236 standards
• about a buck

The USB Battery Charger
• 4″ x 1″,
• Translucent cover
• 4 AA or 4 AAA rechargable batteries (or 2 of each)
• charges in 4 hours
• $11.99

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