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1557 – Thomas Tusser published the first edition of Good Points of Husbandry, which served the 16th century as a kind of farmer’s almanac.
1585 – Shakespeare’s twins, Hamnet and Judith, were baptized on this day. The former lived only 11 years.
1602 – John Donne wrote to appease his father-in-law Sir George More concerning his unapproved marriage to Anne More. When Donne was put under virtual house arrest for marrying the girl, he used a diamond to write on a windowpane, “John Donne, Anne Donne, undone. “
1745 – The popular English novelist Hannah Moore was born . Her 1808 novel Coelebs in Search for a Wife was immensely popular on both sides of the Atlantic.
1811 – Horace Greeley, American journalist, editor, and publisher (d. 1872)
1842 – Sidney Lanier, American writer (d. 1881)
1862 – Thomas Edison printed the Weekly Herald and distributed it to train passengers traveling between Port Huron and Detroit, MI. It was the first time a newspaper had been printed on a train
1863 – Samuel L. Clemens used the pseudonym Mark Twain for the first time in a story in a Nevada Territory newspaper. The story of the two-fathom berth call by river pilots seems to be a bogus story mark Twain invented out of broadcloth.
1874 – Gertrude Stein is born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania (d 1946).
1907 – James A. Michener, US novelist (d. 1997)
1909 – Simone Weil, French philosopher (d. 1943)
1927 – Joan Lowery Nixon, American writer
1947 – Paul Auster, American novelist
1951 – The Tennessee Williams play, The Rose Tattoo, opened on Broadway in New York.

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